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The Beer and Soft Drinks Industry

Location: NC Expocenter of Ukraine

September 22-24 2020

Research-scientific conference: “Main trends of sustainable development of hop-growing industry and its implementation strategy in Ukraine during ”

Organizer: Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine

National Academy of Agricultural Sciences of Ukraine


 Quality of hop sorts in Ukraine and their rational usage for brewing.

Speaker: Lyashenko M., D.Sc. of Agricultural Institute Polissya of NAASU

Using of hop’s useful substances in brewing and its efficiency.

Speaker: Protsenko L., Cand.Sc. in engineering of Agricultural Institute Polissya of NAASU

Normative documents (state standards and technical requirements, regulating quality indicators for hop cones and hop compounds).

Speaker: Lyubchenko V., Cand.Sc. in engineering of Agricultural Institute Polissya of NAASU

Hop planting structure by sorts in Ukraine and its dynamics over the last ten years and beyond until 2020.

Speaker: Shablykyn V., Cand.Sc. in biology of Agricultural Institute Polissya of NAASU

Ukrainian brewing barley and prospects of new sorts’ selection

Speaker: Naumov A., Institute of Yuriev

Mini breweries in developing segment of small and medium enterprises in Ukraine.

Mini malts for processing of different grain varieties for malt.

Mini breweries in Fast-Food and entertaining Industries.

Experience and practical reclamation on implementation of domestic mini breweries.

Speaker:  Udodov S., A.P.

Utilization of waste glass

Speaker: Kosov A., CJSC “Utilita”

Purification of sewages from breweries with following biogas production

Speaker: Turin V., Director of LLC “PENEKO”

Requirements of NASSR System

Requirements on safety of food production in Standard ISO 22000: 2005.

Practical Application of Biogas Technologies on food processors

Traceablity as safety system towards control of GMO in production.

Requirements of new version of Standard ISO 9001:2008

Speaker: specialists of DP “Ukrmetrteststandard”

Securing of economy competitiveness and improving of life quality in the region on the basis of total improving of organizations.
Improvement of organizations on the basis of Concepts of European Fund of Quality Management.
Corporative social responsibility: concept and practical approaches.
System of environmental management in accordance with International Standard ISO 14000.
Lean production: basic principles and implementation.

Speaker: specialists of Ukrainian Association for Quality.

NC “Expocenter of Ukraine”1, Acad. Hlushkov Ave, Kyiv, Ukraine