Exhibition details

beer_logo_engWelcome to the website of International Specialized Exhibition “Beer and Soft Drinks Industry – 2019”

International Specialized Exhibition “Beer and Soft Drinks Industry – 2019” is unique professional event for members of beer production, beer cocktails, malt beverages, as well as low-alcohol beverages and soft drinks market. The latest developments and innovations in area of raw materials, machinery and equipment for breweries, mini-breweries, equipment for processing raw materials, transportation of raw material and beverages, packaging, containers, labels etc. are featured here.

Year in year out exhibition gathers participants from Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Hungary, China, Czech Republic, Belarus and other countries.

In section of end products is carrying out an annual tasting competition to determine the best brand. The winners are awarded with Diplomas and medals of Exhibition. The products are evaluated by competent Committee, composed of experts and the center of independent consumer expertise “TEST”.

International Specialized Exhibition “Beer and Soft Drinks Industry – 2019” is a real business event, which helps to give a new acceleration to business of all its members.

We invite you to take part at the 27 th International Specialized Exhibition “Beer and Soft Drinks Industry – 2019”, which will be held in Kiev at  NC “Expocenter of Ukraine”, acad. Hlushkov Ave, Kyiv, Ukraine during  September, 17 – 19, 2019.


Hop-growing (planting, storage, technology, suspended material)

Fertilizers, remedies

Hop, barley, malt, ingredients

Manufacturers and suppliers of beer and alcoholic beverages

Manufacturers and suppliers of soft drinks: kvas, juice, fruit drinks, syrups, mineral water, tea and coffee


Equipment for filling and sealing of soft drinks beer

Equipment for refrigeration

Machines and machinery, fixtures

Technologies of filtration and separation

Clearing, filling and packaging beverages

Tools and systems for washing and cleaning of barrels and kegs

Machines for retail sale of drinks

Refrigerators and industrial vehicles for transportation of beverages

Tanks for storage and transportation of drinks

Storage systems


Energy-saving equipment and technologies

Alternative resources of fuel, environmental protection


Technologies for production of clay and labels

Technologies for production of accessories and supplies industry

Workwear, tents, stalls, marquees

Test and measurement equipment in production process

Fittings, containers, pumps

Disinfection of production

Analytical equipment

Independent laboratories

Equipment for the retail sale of drinks

Bar and restaurant equipment

Organization of sales points

Equipment for sale of drinks

Catering equipment for sale of drinks

Vending machines and equipment

Smoked and dried meat snacks and chips

Smoked and dried fish snacks and chips

Natural Crisps and snacks

Nuts, crackers, etc.

Target group
Directors of breweries
Owners of breweries
Technologists and experts
Top management of leading retailers
Representatives of large and medium-sized wholesalers
Managers and owners of shops and restaurants

Exhibition objectives

New contracts signing
Market expanding
New information obtaining
Increasing of sales
Market researching
Analysis of consumer demand
Positioning on the market
Determination of the competitive environment
Company image improving

Advertising campaign
Street posters and banners
Leading trade magazines
Internet advertising
Distribution of materials related to exhibitions
Direct mailing invitations
Distribution of invitations in the media
European media (in English)
VIP – invitations

During the exhibition there will be conducted a Scientific – practical Conference “Guidelines for sustainable development of hop-growing industry and strategy for their implementation in Ukraine  for 2019-2020 years“, seminars, presentations, tasting beverages.

The Organizing Committee expresses its gratitude to all whose feasible labor helps us in organizing the exhibition.

We are hoping for further fruitful cooperation and waiting on the Exhibition “Beer and Soft Drinks Industry – 2019″.


Organizing Committee