Participant of the exhebition

beer_logo_engParticipants of Exhibition

Anticoro Babik Josef s.r.o. (Czech Republic) – Equipment for beer and soft drinks industry

A&R Carton Bremen GmbH (Germany) – Packaging for beer and soft drinks industry

А-Profi Ukraine – Production of detergents and disinfection agents

A&P Karton Bremen GmbH (Germany) – Multipacks for beer industry

Аsolu – first Ukrainian pub-restaurant – Beer and snacks

Аutoban Trailers (Ukraine) – Production of trailers for business

Аgromiks BR (Ukraine) – Importer of energy drink

Аliance (Ukraine) – Equipment for filling of foam and gas beverages

АВ-Service (Ukraine) – Production of lemonade

Аstra Ukraine – Refrigeration equipment

АIS –Stolitsa Ukraina – Commercial trucks – credit, leasing

Association of hop-growers of Ukraine – unites 74 hop-growing enterprises

Аmmeraal Beltech (Ukraine) – Manufacturer of conveyor belts

Brauwelt (Germany) – Specialized edition of non-alcoholic beer production

Vulcascot – For decades we have been distributing quality products for the beverage industry as well as for the non-beverage industries (chemical, pharmaceutical, food industry etc.)


Viaplast – Plastic PET bottles

Volins’ka Brewery – Beer, kvass

Vetropack Gostomelskiy glassworks plant (Ukraine) – Manufacturer of glass packaging

Inter-Trade Compani – microbrewery, mikrodistillery,engineering services

Donau Lab Ukraine – from the determination of extract in wort and syrupsall the way to multiparameter measurements directly out of the bottle or can

Drink – n- Meter – Beer

Destila s.r.o. (Czech Republic) – Mini breweries, brewing equipment

Dobra Voda (Ukraine) – Mineral water

Golden Bear Trading – is the exclusive importer of best varieties of Czech beer in Ukraine

Castle Malting – malt, hmіl, caramel Zukor, mіnіBrewery

Centec (Czech Republic) – Systems and sensors for industry of food and drinks

Crazy Dazy – Restaurant-pub-club – Beer, soft drinks

CJSC «Brewery Heineken» (Belarus) – Production of beer and kvass

Logipack International GmbH (Germany) – Packaging systems for non-alcoholic beer production

Malturop Ukraine (Ukraine) – Production and sale of barley, wheat malt

Podkovan s.r.o. (Czech Republic) – Beer production

PSS Svidnik a.s. (Slovakia) – Equipment for beer production

Ternopіlska tavern – Beer

Teplomatt – Heating and water supply systems

Talos Yuhuan hc Plumbing Compani (China) – Equipment for non-alcoholic beer production

Kupava  Ukrtorg – We design, manufacture, complete technically, provide the mobile business solutions, car, trailers, truck bodies

Kropotkin factory MiSSP (Russia) – Automatic and semi-automatic blow molding equipment

Kyi-Pivo (Ukraine) – Mini breweries, malt production

NPK Invest (Ukraine) – Producer of natural carbonated fruit drinks

Orion Service (Ukraine) – Production of storage equipment

Oprema-Uredal D.D. Ludbreg – is the manufacturer of dispensing and cooling units for all drinks, beer

Studio Gebo (Ukraine) – Production of beer coasters

Technosojuz (Ukraine) – Equipment for brewing industry

UKZ-VS (Ukraine) – Representive of “Shayany” mineral water

U.G. Company (Ukraine) – Production of unfiltered beer

Ukr-Pack (Ukraine) – Filling lines of carbonated and non-carbonated beverages

Kyiv Regional Center of Ukraine – Sale of commercial equipment

Krauss Maffei Technologies GmbH (Germany) – Packaging Systems

Linker Europa Sp.ZO.O. (Poland) – Equipment for beer and soft drinks industry

Lugansk brewery (Ukraine) – Production of beer, kvass

Company “Henrich Schultz” (Ukraine) – Equipment for beer industry, beer production

Company “MOS” (Ukraine) – Equipment for filling of foaming beverages

Pegas (Ukraine) – Beer Equipment dealer

Company “Poltavpivo” (Ukraine) –  Production and bottling of beer

Sevastopol private brewery (Ukraine) – Brewing

Resgen (Ukraine) – Equipment for filling of food beverages

Rybniy Rai (Ukraine) – Production of fish range

Utilita (Ukraine) – Recycling of cullet

Flesh-R (Ukraine) – Recycling

Enogroup (Ukraine) – Equipment for beer production

Chaina Kraina (Ukraine) – Sale of tea

Ziraks (Russia) – Synthetic food calcium chloride for brewing

Zeman (Ukraine) – Distributor of beer

Obolon (Ukraine) – Beer production

Uman Pivo (Ukraine) – Beer production

TM “Kupecheskaya” (Ukraine) – Production of kvass

Institute Polissya NAASU – Scientific researches of agricultural areas

Institute of Agroecology and Land Use of NAASU – scientific researches

Institute of Agriculture of NAASU – scientific researches

Institute of Agricultural Economics of NAASU – scientific researches

Association of Ukrainian agroecologists – Agroecology

Network “Bochka Pivnaya” (Ukraine) – Branded beer

Restaurant “Babene” (Ukraine) – Branded beer

Pub “Doroty” (Ukraine) – Beer restaurant

Restaurant “Gournalist” (Ukraine) – Branded fish and meat dishes for beer

Ele de France (Ukraine) – French kitchen, beer

Pub “Plan B” (Ukraine) – 20 varieties of beer

Restaurant “Rancho” (Ukraine) – Branded beer

Pub “Slepoy piy” (Ukraine) – 13 varieties of beer

Water “Dar Neptuna” (Ukraine) – Natural water

Ukrainian Association of Quality – Services in area of quality

Ukrainian Association of paints and varnishes – unites 70 enterprises of paint products

Newspaper “Kharchovik” (Ukraine) – Ukrainian edition of food industry

Publishing Group “Nash Product” (Ukraine) – Edition of food industry

Business-propozyziya (Ukraine) – advertising project, web portal (Ukraine) – Ukrainian laboratory portal

GoodsMatrix (Ukraine) – web portal of food production

“Smart Capital” (Ukraine) – Journal of food and restaurant markets in Ukraine

“Press-Birzha” (Ukraine) – Ukrainian Business Weekly

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