beer_logo_engTHE BEER AND SOFT DRINKS` EXHIBITION IN UKRAINE: The 27-th International Specialized Exhibition “The Beer and Soft Drinks Industry – 2019” took place from th till 27 th September at NC “Expocenter of Ukraine”1, Acad. Hlushkov Ave, Kyiv, Ukraine/
The Organizer – JV Agroinkom the company of the National academy of agrarian sciences of Ukraine. The characteristic feature of Ukrainian Beer and Soft Drinks` Exhibition this year was an association of the authorities from business, production, government, science, society in themes of quality and safety of the products.

Traditionally the Exhibition was placed in the majestic pavilions at one of the main sights of Kyiv – the KyivExpoPlaza ExhibitionCenter. The Exhibition gathered more then 147 companies, scientific, social and governmental structures. One of the main topics of discussion was dedicated to the ecological emphasis on production process that pointed out the great interest and necessity of estimation the environmental influence of production process.
Mr.Sawatsky, Director of JV Agroinkom said: “Having realized all the responsibility on “Agroinkom” in making the reliable platform for the dialogue in beer and soft drinks industry, we try to raise the important questions, that correspond to the modern tendency and demands and set the actual vector in discussion”.

The 27-th  International Specialized Exhibition “The Beer and Soft Drinks Industry” gathered in correlation 80% of Ukrainian companies and 20% of Foreign companies from 6 countries.

Among the Exhibitors were the companies specialized in equipment, disinfection, raw materials, products, package, accessories, transport, consulting, press, promotion, utilization, HoReCa, scientific institutions, associations, social organizations.

Among the visitors – specialists of food and beverage industry (35%), trade (11%), paint and building (8%), scientific (7%), publishing (7%), press (7%), laboratory (5%), HoReCa (5%), social organizations (5%), standardization and certification (2%), development (2%), Human Resources (2%), others (2%)

      Concerning the next year, it is planned the variety of categories and actual topics for discussion during 28-th  International Specialized Exhibition “The Beer and Soft Drinks Industry”, that will be held on 22 – 24 September 2020 that will be the start for preparation to the  event of the beverage industry in Ukraine.